Meet the Team

Give a warm welcome and a big cup of coffee to the best writers TEKaholics has to offer! We’re all huge fans of the people who contribute to the group. Let’s skip the rest of the introduction to the page, and get to the people who make this site as awesome as it is!


Meet Traven; He is the Lead Author and Editor of TEKaholics. Loves to talk about programming and security. His mindset follows security-first programming. He strives to spread knowledge, updates, and his weirdness to everyone who is willing to listen. You can follow him on Twitter or Instagram. (Ask him about his shoe collection.)



Meet Eric; He is a web developer, if he’s not at his computer, you’ll probably find him tinkering on a DIY project, or out among the trees. He loves most music and enjoys the classic nintendo and arcade games. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein, for Eric, these are words to live by.  Find him at his  website  or on his LinkedIn.



Meet Rick; A jack of all trades, a good understanding of music theory and the use of Audiotools, knows a thing or two about GIMP and photo manipulations, has experience in getting your Youtube videos to the number 1 ranking spot. If you need a place to be pointed to this is the guy to talk to. Feel free to stop on by his instagram and ask a question. Maybe even enjoy his feed he’s been working on.

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