Meet the Team

Give a warm welcome and a big cup of coffee to the best writers TEKaholics has to offer! We’re all huge fans of the people who contribute to the group. Let’s skip the rest of the introduction to the page, and get to the people who make this site as awesome as it is!


Meet Traven, the Lead Author and Editor of TEKaholics. He loves to talk about programming and security. His mindset follows security-first programming. Traven strives to spread knowledge, updates, and his weirdness to everyone who is willing to listen. You can follow him on Twitter or Instagram. (Ask him about his shoe collection.)


Meet Todd, an amateur techie who self teaches whatever catches his interest. At a young age, he started programming in Python and using Linux as his daily driver operating system. Todd joined the Navy, taking time out of the tech world that he has since returned to. He is currently self-teaching himself to program in Java, Android Development, and anything that catches his eye. Todd is still a full time sailor and can be caught on the air on his local VHF/UHF repeaters under his Ham Radio call sign, KJ4NTV.

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