TEKaholics 2017 Christmas List!

Christmas time is near!

Do you hear that sound? I hear jingles and something dragging on the rooftop. It must be Santa with the TEKaholics team’s presents!

With Christmas right around the corner, we at TEKaholics would like to share with you ladies and gentlemen our top 3 Christmas wishlist items. Do you see anything that has intrigued you? Wondering if some of your favorite authors are looking forward to this jolly season?

Todd (Warfox)

Author, editor, more?

  1. Yaesu FT-817 ND

    All mode, all band amateur radio with a built-in battery pack. Can take it on a hike up a mountain, set it up at the top, and work the world from anywhere easily.

  2. Kano Laptop Kit

    Making a laptop from a Raspberry Pi just seems badass. Lightweight with Linux on the go and the ability to wire up custom circuits on the fly. A laptop with maximum hardware tinkering.

  3. Any 3D Printer

    ‘Cause who the hell wouldn’t want one?

Rick (Rajah639)

Author, editor, overall helping firefighter for TEKaholics.

  1. A much better PC

    Because a Dell Optiplex 755 can only go so far.

  2. See the first item.

    What’s the point of any other item without a good work horse?

  3.  Once again first item explains it all.

Phillip (DonutDeflector)

Author, editor, somewhat of an organizer.

  1. Nintendo Switch

    After playing on my cousin’s Switch, I’m sold on the concept of the console. Having a console that is able to be played on the couch and on the go is seriously awesome. Additionally, the collection of games is compelling: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Skyrim. I can finally ignore my family 24/7.

  2. DropMix

    DropMix is a board game unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It gives you the power of making awesome song mashups super easily. It’s also got a bunch of extra card packs as well, kind of like Cards Against Humanity, to suck my wallet dry. Maybe my family will stop getting on my case about ignoring them if we play this game.

  3. Logitech MX Sound

    I saw a Hardware Canucks review on this pair of speakers and was impressed with what it had to offer. It’s able to connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable and switch between them. Additionally, it offers great sound quality at the price.

Eric (F00B34rd)

Programmer, author, & editor.

  1. Crucial 16GB Laptop RAM

    I have 8GB installed at the moment, but with new projects funneling in, it would be great to be able to boost my performance a bit.

  2. Seagate 2TB 2.5″ Laptop HDD

    Who doesn’t need more storage space?

  3. Das Keyboard Model S Pro

    I love mechanical keyboards. I have a cheap ten-keyless one right now and it would be awesome to upgrade to a full keyboard.

Alex (Bender, the Greatest)

Sysadmin, software engineer, author, and editor.

  1. Nintendo Switch

    Shamelessly want this for only Zelda: Breath of the Wild :P, there are probably other games I’d enjoy too.

  2. Snow Blower

    Winter is coming.

  3. Server

    For running dedicated virtual machines at home.



  1. Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

    Have you ever been using your phone when your battery died? So you pull out your battery pack, charge your phone for a good 3 minutes, then that dies too? That has happened to me multiple times; it’s very annoying. This lantern lasts up to 500 hours on the lowest brightness, includes a phone charger, and replenishes its battery using solar panels.

  2. Infinite USB

    Ever get annoyed because your brand new laptop only has 1 or 2 USB ports? Well, infinite USB is for you. Basically, the device has another USB port on the back of itself. If you were plugging your phone into your laptop, the phone charger would have another USB port on it which you can use to plug in additional devices.

  3. Travel Scratcher

    Are you traveling to every country in the world? Do you like keeping track of the countries you’ve been too? Do you like posters? If you said yes to all of those questions, you would love the Travel Scratcher. The travel scratcher may just look like another world map. However you can scratch countries off the map as you travel to them. It even has the 50 states of America and the 10 provinces of Canada.


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