Opinion: If You’re An Apple Fan, Don’t Buy The iPhone 8, Buy The iPhone 7 Instead

In case you’ve been living under a rock this past week, Apple shocked absolutely no one (maybe except you if this sentence actually applies to you) and announced 3 new iPhones. But as the iPhone part of their Keynote played out, it really showed us how the iPhone 8 is just a 6sss. If you have no intention of jumping ship to Android, I would seriously consider picking up the iPhone 7. Yes, you heard me right. That’s last year’s iPhone I’m talking about.

Why don’t we start off with what Apple executives told us on September 12th. They spent about 20 minutes talking about their latest and greatest pair of iPhones, when in reality, they add just about nothing notable from the 7. While wireless and quick charging are nice and all, they’re basically the only notable new features on these phones outside of the normal speed and camera improvements. Oh, and don’t even get me started on now both of those features are essentially sold separately for the vast majority of consumers.

This sounds a lot like what people said about iPhone 7, right? Not a lot of new features, some of which are sold separately, but it’s fine because Apple is still offering us their best. However, that’s not the issue this time around. The issue is that Apple is selling a third phone, the iPhone X, that has all the new features and is vastly superior to the first two phones.

The iPhone 8 is an example of what not to do as a smartphone company, and Apple’s stocks show it.

First of all, the way Apple actually announced their phones was all around stupid. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus got almost no recognition, making their time on the stage feel more like a commercial while we waited for the actual show to start. It was very clear that even Apple cared very little about it and just wanted to get onto the X, aka the “future of the smartphone”. They didn’t even bother to give any sort of demo for it, something that they’ve done on every past iPhone, even the original iPhone when Steve Jobs knew that something would almost definitely crash or break. A good tl;dr of it would be “here’s the iPhone 8, now let’s get onto what we all actually care about”.

Now, I want you to think for a moment about what you’re actually getting on the iterative iPhone 8 that you can’t get from the 7. If you need any help, this excellent guide on MacRumors details all the changes in all their minimal glory.

Yeah, the extra $100 isn’t getting you much. Furthermore, take into account that you can probably get well over $100 off from several deals online, some of which may be done through your carrier. Is there any sin in buying the iPhone 7 as opposed to the iPhone 8? If anything, the extra $100 minimum you save could be used to buy some useful accessories, such as cases, a portable battery pack, a high quality Lightning Connector, or even Bluetooth earbuds. If you have any worries about long term usage, don’t. Over the years, iPhones have been lasting longer and longer. If you’re careful about your spending over time, you might be able to upgrade within even a year and not have to worry about any speed issues at all.

So if you don’t want to make the switch to Android but don’t want to spend the $699 minimum for a brand new iPhone 8, last year’s iPhone is the way to go.

Also, don’t think that I’ve forgotten about the iPhone X. My reasons as to why you shouldn’t buy the X either will be detailed in a later article, coming soon to a tech site near you (spoiler: it’s this one).


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