It’s Time to Upgrade to Linux 4.7.1

If you are currently using Linux version 4.6 series, then the Lead Maintainer has a message for you.

It’s time to upgrade.

Greg Kroah-Hartman on Tuesday announced the arrival of Linux 4.6.7. This is making it clear that it will be the last in the kernel’s 4.6 series of releases. Version 4.7.1 made its debut on Tuesday, and that’s where the future of Linux lies.

Greg Kroah-Hartman said:

This is the last 4.6.Y kernel to be released. Please move to 4.7.1 now, you have been warned.

The 4.6.7 kernel maintenance update includes 63 file changes, with 618 insertions and 271 deletions. This release also fixes hardware and file system issues with a variety of updated drivers. To make sure that the Linux-based systems run smoothly, people should at least make sure to update to this version.

The most important thing is to begin planning to switch over to the new 4.7.1 Kernel.

Several issues which I have noticed with people is them avoiding updating the Linux kernel for their systems. When systems remain on the old kernel face running less efficiently and becoming less secure. Given the availability of the stable new 4.7.1 kernel, accepting those risks is both highly unnecessary and nonsensical.

Among the improvements brought by the 4.7 line, which launched late last month, are support for Radeon RX 480 GPUs and a new Linux Security Module, along with numerous new drivers and bug fixes.




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  1. Tried it yesterday on Ubuntu 16.04.
    No nVidia nor Broadcom Wifi built successfully.

    Until I resolve it (somehow) I’ll stay on 4.6.


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