Second Shot: What The Community Wanted/Didn’t

On Augest 3, 2016, Valve released an update for their game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that at first seemed to fix a lot of people’s problems with shooting and the accuracy of the shot they take. What people were saying when the update came out were along the lines of “this is what we wanted,” “time to get better,” and “now I can 1-tap (shoot somebody in the head using 1 bullet) like ScreaM (professional Counter-Strike player)” and so on.

What people didn’t know is that this update didn’t improve 1st shot accuracy with the game’s assault rifles, it improved second to fifth shot accuracy in fully automatic while the rest of the shots deviate more from the recoil pattern of the weapon. This update also improved tap-shooting, a method of shooting preferred by players for shooting at long ranges with assault rifles. This update only changes values of the game’s AK-47, M4A1-S, and M4A4. Speculation, this probably means that in the future, if this is well liked by the Counter-Strike community then they may start changing the values of the game’s other assault rifles.

We’re going to start off by analyzing the first graph that they released on their blog which you can find here if you’re wanting to look at them for yourself.


The first graph that they release is how they changed the accuracy for tap-shooting at a 250 ms (1/4 second) interval. The X-axis shows what bullet was fired, in this instance, 1-10, and the Y-axis shows how accurate the bullet is, the closer the dot is to the bottom, the more accurate it is.

Before I jump to what this graph means, I should state that all guns in this game have some sort of recoil pattern that you must compensate for. Some of them you can’t compensate for but that is because of the shooting style you use and the gun’s physics which I will go more into as this shift occurs in the game.

What this graph means is that if you tap-shoot, your bullets are going to be more accurate then they were in the previous versions of the game. First shot accuracy isn’t change, but we’ll get to that later. This changes with the second shot, but still there is no drastic change. Same with the third, but more accurate. The most drastic change is the fourth bullet and on. It is still not that accurate, but more accurate and more dependable than it was in the previous version of the game.

The second graph shows accuracy for a fully automatic spray.


This graph shows that spraying is only still reliable around five bullet bursts but then at the sixth bullet the inaccuracy increases all the way until the tenth bullet then presumably stays. This makes spraying less reliable at long ranges.

You’re going to go on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive subreddit and see mixed opinions about this update ranging from “I got global offensive’d (where the first shot goes into an enemy’s head on the client side but not registering on the server’s side),” “fps issues,” and “pros hate him, how this new update could make you 20% better” but this is normal. The Global Offensive community is split on drastic changes like this is. This changes the way that some people have to play the game. Some for the better, some not so much.

Yes, this update gave some people running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update framerate issues but that is caused by the operating system, not the game. Some people reported hitting more shots with their same play style. Some have had their Valve MatchMaking (Global Offensive’s built in service that match people with the same skill level against each other in a 5v5 best of 30 game) lowered because their play style was made less reliable. This is how change works for Global Offensive.

Speculation time. I think that Valve are going to be torn with the community on the issue on whether or not this change is for the better or for the worst. I’ve talk with some of my MatchMaking buddies to see what they had to say and 50% of them said that they hit more shots and the other 50% said that they weren’t getting kills and are now on the verge of deranking. A 50/50 decision is not good enough for any game developer to keep a change. My speculation is that Valve will keep the weapon values like they are as of the date of publishing until some time in the future so people can adapt to this new change, then start pushing updates out slowly and following the same pattern like speculated before.

Whether you like this update or not, you’re going to have to deal with the changes because there are plenty of other issues that need to be stated about this game. I don’t need to tell you the issues because you can just go to the Global Offensive subreddit for 5 seconds and see the issues for yourself. Or, because I’m nice, I can give you some of the issues.

  • Bullet and hit registration within the game definitely needs an overhaul. Shots that look like they hit but didn’t happens way to commonly with players online but not offline. There is some serious latency compensation going on the server’s end that are giving the higher pinged player an advantage when it comes to movement and shooting.
  • MatchMaking needs a huge overhaul. There has been many talks about how Valve put you where you are in terms of your skill group and how people want it visible. It shouldn’t be because then people would try and figure out ways to exploit it. Valve doesn’t need to make your skill group visible other than the picture that it shows, your rank. Also, servers need improving. The current MatchMaking servers are running at a tickrate of 64 (server refreshes 64/second, just like Minecraft and it’s 20 tick/second) and people believe that this has something to do with the hit registration, which it does. People demand 128 tick servers for MatchMaking. That’s pretty much all they demand for MatchMaking but have already been solved by an update a while back that made the competitive rule set the same across professional play and casual play (MatchMaking). You can see that update here.

There are more issues that I can go on for hours talking about but this article is long enough.

I’m going to close this article off with a good ol’ Too long; Didn’t read.

Valve is changing the game to make it to where going full automatic with your weapon isn’t as reliable as tactically timing your shots to get the best accuracy and damage out of your gun. They’re starting out with the most popular guns right now. This update may affect how you play the game.


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  1. They should adapt CS:S hit and bullet system… It was reliable, accurate and always exact… I mean … WTF a game shouldn’t compensate a ping of soneone… If he has a bad ping it’s his Problem not the Problem of the guy shooting him.


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