Why Python is a Really Good Programming Language

When I started programming, Java was all the rage. There were no two doubts regarding this. Java is the only programming language in the Information Technology industry that is remaining strong since it’s inception date. Java is the mist successful technology in the industry and this is due to its versatility. Java can be used to develop everything possible from a software application, desktop application, mobile application, gaming clients, and web applications. This is without too much hassle also.

However, this is changing, and fast. Python is starting to take the lead for all of Java’s greatness. Python has managed to remain in the shadows for more than a decade since it’s own inception. Yet now, it has emerged as an invaluable gem for the technology industry. It is receiving amazing popularity and acceptance due to the performance, efficiency, and the secure environment.

All these aspects of the programming language have compelled the industry to rethink about this and to rely on this technology for the past couple of years. Besides these basic features listed in the second paragraph, there are numerous other superior abilities that are incorporated within Python. This makes it superior for a million different uses and has gained trust from the developers easily worldwide.

Python is Easy to Learn

For a new programming language to take a hold and be accepted by the ever-changing technology industry, it has to have the simplicity to learn and easy to apply. If the language is difficult to learn and integrate, it will have little success in the industry to be widely adopted. Heck, Python uses real-time wordings which make it pretty easy to pick up.

Almost all of the syntax are highly similar to real life words. The keywords are very familiar to any non-programmer so they can pick up on the language without too much difficulty. The best part about this is that this allows the language to be popular with new programmers and even the most tech-savy person.

Python is Super Efficient

Efficiency means everything to a new programming language past 2010. With a new technology lacking efficiency, it will never gain the same success as Java or Python. We have to accept the standards set by Python because of the libraries and methods that were created for us to use for our source codes. With these built-in methods and classes, common tasks are easily executed systematically without hampering the application.

Python is Highly Scalable

In the last four or six years, the industry has seen a requirement for highly scalable methodologies such as Agile methodology. When a client who requires a large amount of development of a software application does not require for the project to be complete, the application can be moved to live in any moment of the development process by completing a certain amount of modules of the application.

The application remains easily open to being connected to other new modules in a systematic approach without disturbing its existing modules. This enables the application to remain in an auto-complete mode so that it can be enhanced further in later periods of time without debugging its core too much.

Python is Always Updated

A new technology is able to be depreciated in less time than it takes to be developed with the ever-changing world. Everything comes with an expiration date — thus being replaced with a better solution in the future. If the technology has managed to cross a number of years with the same or growing popularity in the technological industry, that will imply the acceptability of the technology.

All of this means that Python has come across many years and it has every time come out as a winner due to this attitude repeatedly and it has refined itself over time to make it suitable for the industry. It is always reinventing itself with additions of on-demand qualities and outputs as the industry requires. This  will result in it remaining up to date.

As well as that, it has been accompanied with HTML5, CSS5, jQuery, AJAX, and other popular and futuristic technologies. This allows for it to be an amazing choice for highly efficient web applications, smartphone apps, and a native application for any operating system that you can think of.

Final Thoughts about Python

Finally, any technology will highly reliable to meet the respect and the confidence of the developers. In this given scenario, Python comes out as a highly reliable technology of the technology industry. Python also has an extremely strong, supportive community for anyone who is looking for help.

The official Python community also gives on-demand support for its developers anytime 24 x 7. So, there is no doubt about the support and reliability of this technology. Python’s reliability starts with its secure environment, availability of reliable resources and availability of strong support community in the industry.


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