Visual Studio Code is Officially at a 1.0 Release

After a long year of testing, usage, and personal love for Visual Studio Code, it has officially achieved the 1.0 release. This is Microsoft’s open source, cross-platform development environment that is powered by NodeJS and the Blink layout engine.

According to the blog post on the Visual Studio website, Code has became a 1.0 golden release because the community has stabilized the API. Code was, surprisingly, originally created for JavaScript and TypeScript development. Now it is supporting languages such as C++, Python, and Go.

The progress to achieve the 1.0 release was to enhance the performance, trying to make it into a great editor for every developer. This even includes non-Western languages — which there is nine languages in total supported — and even those with visual impairments.

visual-studio-codeThe majority of the work has been dedicated to having a stable API along with good performance, so having support for third-party languages will be way easier for everyone to maintain. There is just about 1,000 extensions currently available for Code. These extensions will be for providing themes, support for different languages, and enhancements to the libraries for those languages.

Besides for all of these technical details and the general rundown, Visual Studio Code has appealed to me for my personal replacement for Notepad++. This editor is giving me my lightweight, unobtrusive environment that I have been looking for. I only need to install the items which allows me to do my coding, and nothing more is needed.

As I have said in past articles regarding the new Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella, their really trying to appeal to developers. With just getting Steve Ballmer out of the company, my opinion is turning around dramatically about Microsoft with their releases of Code, Windows 10, open-sourced .NET, and other projects.

I know after using Code for the last four months, along with making small contributions to extensions, this product should appeal to any developer who is looking for an editor that allows you to program and code and not be in the way. It works for you, instead of against you.


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