W3C Has Officially Begun Working on HTML 5.1 Standard

People really isn’t talking about the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announcing that work has officially begun on the next major version of HTML standard. The really interesting part is that the specification is being shaped on GitHub. This is going to allow for the development community to give feedback and suggestions.

W3C is saying that the plans for HTML5 are:

to match reality better, to make the specification as clear as possible to readers, and of course to make it possible for all stakeholders to propose improvements, and understand what makes changes to HTML successful.

The earliest drafts of the HTML5 specification began to surface all the way back in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2014 that they considered as an official standard. Accordingly, the W3C is wanting to make incremental updates a reality that should be relatively straightforward to implement in the future.

W3C is also using GitHub to speed up the process dramatically. Changes to the specification can easily be made by creating a pull request, or even if something doesn’t work in current browsers can be flagged by opening an issue. They are even allowing features that aren’t supported by at least two browser engines are to be dropped. There is even a chance that they can be re-added as an extension.

In the past, developers have used JavaScript to provide a way to to have extensions for HTML5 without proposing any changes directly to the specification. Google’s Web Components, for instance, uses a JavaScript polyfill to provide support on browsers that don’t have it — meaning anything that isn’t Google Chrome. Their idea is to make it as easy as possible — or even easier — to contribute ideas and changes to HTML5 with the same mechanisms that may have worked in Web Components.

W3C’s overall plan is to ship a candidate recommendation — essentially a draft of the specification — by at least June of this year, with a full recommendation document by as early as September.


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