The Google App Engine is Now Supporting Node.JS

Google is proud to announce that JavaScript Developers can use Google’s PaaS cloud to build web and mobile applications. This is all thanks to a new partnersjip with NodeSource.

The easiest way to say it is you can now run Node.JS on the Google App Engine.

NSolid, NodeSource’s Enterpise Node.JS platform, will be on Google Cloud Platform, which is featuring Google App Engine. Google is offering this as a beta this week. The run-time for the JavaScript platform will enable developers to build high quality web and mobile applications that will scale very well with the Google Cloud. Also, Google app Engine has support for Java, Python, PHP, and even Go.

NodeSource’s Mark Piening says:

NodeSource is partnering with Google to be the primary provider of an instrumented Node.JS run-time on the Google Cloud Platform. This partnership will offer Node.js developers a simple, out-of-the-box solution for getting deep insight into their Node.js applications running on the Google Cloud platform.

Google is stressing the tools available on the App Engine for Node.JS developers.

Google’s Justin Beckwith, Product Manager of Google Cloud Platform states:

When running Node.js on App Engine, you can use the tools and databases you already know and love. Use ExpressHapi, Parse-server, or any other Web server to build your app. Use MongoDB, Redis, or Google Cloud Datastore to store your data.

Developers and users can use Google Tools such as the Container Engine, for running Docker containers, or the Compute Engine, and even providing virtual machines. The gcloud NPM module will enable the use of Google’s APIs and services. This also includes the use of the Vision API and BigQuery.

There is way more coming from Google for the Node.JS support which they have added to their cloud platform. I’ll leave you with a quote from  Justin Beckwith, because he said it perfectly and I can’t say anymore.

This is just the start — keep your ear to the ground to catch the next wave of Node.js support on Cloud Platform


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  1. :laugh: They must have realized how much money they were losing to Heroku and Red Hat’s OpenShift.



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