Your Mouse Can be Hacked Now

Now we are at the point where wireless mice and keyboards are prime for hacking. With a massive vulnerability leaving billions of devices at major risk.

The U.S. Cybersecurity company Bastille claims to have found the vulnerability, officially calling it MouseJack, which actually sounds cool, which they are claiming this vulnerability is absolutely massive. People should be taken heed.

Logitech, Dell, and Lenovo are namechecking their products for this vulnerability. They have reported that most non-Bluetooth dongles are vulnerable.

Allow me to explain the situation as good as I can of what is happening with this vulnerability. The hackers can take over a computer with the vulnerability that is found within the dongles. Once the dongle is paired, the hacker who is using the MouseJack, they can insert keystrokes and malicious code with full privilege of the PC owner. They can also infiltrate the network and gain access to sensitive data.

This attack is on the keyboard level, therefore PCs, Macs, and Linux operating systems that are using wireless dongles are all at victim to this vulnerability.

Chris Rouland, founder and CTO of Bastille said:

MouseJack poses a huge threat, to individuals and enterprises, as virtually any employee using one of these devices can be compromised by a hacker and used as a portal to gain access into an organisation’s network.



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