A quick take on VR

Just about a month ago, I acquired a cheap VR headset at Khols for about dollars. It was black Friday and we had decided to check out what sales the Khols down the street had. The store wasn’t to crazy… Read More ›

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  • SDR and RTL-SDR review

    In the past week, I finally put my hands on the RTL-SDR RTL2832U dongle. This little device is amazing in it’s capabilities. These little devices do not function to much different than a general all purpose receiver, but everything about… Read More ›

  • SDR: The Must Have Pentesting Tool

    Imagine this: you’ve just parked in the parking garage after driving your way through the chaotic downtown streets of Chicago. It’s slightly overcast outside and the wind carries a bone chilling breeze. As you get out of your car, you… Read More ›

  • My Tech In 2017: The Best Yet

    2017 was a wild year. Donald Trump was sworn in as the president of the United States, Hugh Hefner passed away, and net neutrality saw its end. Through all of this, I got an insane amount of new tech this… Read More ›

  • The Ongoing War of Security and Privacy

    On severs throughout the world, everything about you is slowly being collected. This isn’t necessarily a tin-foil hat kind of conspiracy and it isn’t just the NSA we have to worry about. In fact, with reasonable encryption, the NSA can’t… Read More ›

  • How Secure are Your Communication Applications?

    Personally identifiable information (PII) within corporations is worth millions. This data is even more valuable to malicious actors. I’ve noticed that a majority of corporations rely on consumer apps for communication, cloud storage, and collaboration. Have you ever considered the… Read More ›

  • A New Front to Fight for the First Amendment

    2017 has been a huge year, highlighting some of major struggles to come to society. Among these battles is the right for the First Ammendment, which protects US citizens from being silenced for unpopular speech. This year, however, is proving… Read More ›

  • Solar Cycle 24’s Upcoming Minimum

    Not many people are very familiar with solar weather and how it affects us down here on Earth. For the most part, the sun is simply in the sky for a potion of the day, varying due to the current… Read More ›

  • What to Expect in Java JDK 10

    As we are just getting used to the release of Java 9 in September, we only have a few more months to go before the next generation of Java comes out. Just this month, the planned Java Development Kit 10… Read More ›

  • Book Review: The Code Book by Simon Singh

    Anyone who has read modern fiction in the past twenty years is probably familiar with Dan Brown’s work. He has crafted many masterpieces of fiction, some with motion picture adaptations, such as his beloved Robert Langdon series. It was because… Read More ›

  • Firefox Quantum: Is it Better than Chrome?

    Firefox has been known as a slow, outdated browser for a while now. Then, Mozilla released Firefox Quantum. Once I used it, I noticed it was crazy fast: maybe even faster than Chrome. Let’s see if that’s true. Benchmarks Synthetic… Read More ›